About Fireworks Spectaculars


Brad Dezotell, President


Every show is a unique opportunity to highlight your event. From weddings to civic celebrations, to special events, our award-winning designers take everything into consideration.

Whether it is a traditional fireworks show or a pyromusical, where fireworks are synchronized to music – we have the talent, equipment and people to make your show a success. Location, theme, budget and musical selections for pyromusicals are all weighted to ensure that your fireworks show will light up your audience as much as it lights up the evening sky.


Since 2001, Fireworks Spectaculars has been producing some of the most innovative, exciting fireworks show ever seen.

With over 3000 shows to date, we have done shows that cover every budget and scope - from small towns to major events, and everything in between.  Our performances have garnered many media stories and company profiles as we've performed at some of the most prestigious events in the country.



Fireworks Spectaculars is a two-time winner of the Gold Jupiter Award at the Montreal International Fireworks Competition, considered the largest and most prestigious competition in the world.

Internationally, we have taken home the Grand Champion Award at the Philippines International Fireworks Competition and the Grand Champion title at the world's longest-running fireworks festival, the International Fireworks Festival in Knokke – Heist, Belgium.

Back at home, Fireworks Spectaculars won top honors at the Vancouver International Celebration of Light, along with winning the first two Globalfest International Fireworks Competitions.   We are also the only five-time winner of the Canadian Fireworks Championships including two tournaments of Champion victories.



Your budget concerns are our budget concerns. Our designers will work with you to ensure that you get the best show for the price you have in mind. We have experience with all sizes of shows and budgets from a few thousand dollars and up.

You will get an individually created show that will leave you and your audiences amazed and inspired. Contact us to find out more about pricing.

Anywhere, Anytime

We have performed from a variety of locations, shooting off bridges, buildings, docks, towers, trailers, in the dirt and out at sea on floating barges. If you think of a location – we will work with you to make it happen.

We can shoot a show at any time of year, in almost any location in almost any weather. Certain times of the year like New Year's Eve and Canada Day are busy times so plan ahead and book early.



As an innovator in fireworks, we look for and use the best product lines we can find from around the world. Our suppliers include companies that have been producing fireworks for generations.

Countries of origin include China, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United States, Taiwan and Canada. Our challenge is to keep up with new and exciting products. We are always looking for new suppliers with unique products to give your show that little bit extra.


We pride ourselves on creating effects and moments that can only be described as “stunning”. Specialized effects can take your show to the next level, guaranteeing that people will be talking about your show for a long time.

We carry many exclusive shells and effects and our job is to make sure we find that element or effect that surpasses the “wow” factor to amaze your audience.


Traditionally, shows were either hand lit or done with manual firing systems. Today, we keep up with advances in our industry and use the best design software from ShowSim 3D™ to 4D Visual Show Director™.  

On site, we use FireOne™ firing systems considered one of the finest in the world.

Electronic systems allow for accurate timing, greater safety and the ability to allow for multimedia integration and live simulcasting.

When it comes to a pyromusical, we own Time Machines which allow for pin point accuracy while syncing our time code to the fireworks. Very few own this technology and it gives us the advantage when it comes to synchronization of our shows.



Fireworks are the ultimate celebratory element. Consider them the most colourful candles to top your event’s cake. People, no matter what their age or where they're from, universally love fireworks.

We are your one-stop to create that moment that takes your event or celebration to the next level. With award-winning designers, recognized as the best in their field, you can be assured of a great-looking show. When you add to that the best product, the best people and the best gear, successful results are almost guaranteed.

At the end of the performance, you will have only one word to say – Spectacular!